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Jinn in CA PoppiesAs raw feeders, we believe it is important for our pets to be healthy inside and out!  Foothill Raw Feeders offers our members a place to find ingredients to feed their furry friend a more natural diet.  We offer a variety of meats, offal and bones, ingredients that are the mainstay of the raw fed pet!  As a result, we have many happy pets (and pet parents!).


From Michelle (owner of Foothill Raw Feeders):  I started feeding raw in 2006, when Jinn (look left) decided she no longer wanted to eat kibble.  I had tried many different kibbles and canned food.  She would eat the different foods, but only for a short while.  Then in 2006 while we were away from home, for a PSA trial, Jinn picked that time to stop eating, once again.  As I was complaining to a friend and fellow competitor about Jinn's lackluster appetite, I was asked what I fed her.  I told my friend of the trials and tribulations of the variety of kibble and canned food we had tried.  My friend went to her trailer and brought back a sample of what she fed her dogs; raw ground lamb, lamb bones and veggies.  I was taken aback!  Raw food?  No way, not for my dog, it will make her sick!  I was encouraged to "just try it!"  Well, Jinn scarfed it right down and the rest is history!  At that time, I had four dogs and switched all of them over to raw!  Ame, my SAR dog, came to me already on raw.  She was weaned from mom to raw! 

I am so pleased with the success I have had feeding my working dogs a raw diet!  All of my dogs will be fed a raw diet from now on! 

Here are just a few comments from our members: 

From Sherry; " I seriously have the happiest dogs now.  Only problem is getting my female 11 month old to eat the sardines.  I'm trying mackerel this time,  see if it makes a difference.  My males practically inhale it.  LOVE THIS CO-OP!  I also wanted to tell you how helpful all your comments are describing each food item and it's benefits on the website. "

From Kat: "I am so glad I found you.  It is great that you are so close to me too.  You have a very good variety of food!"

From Shari:  "I was concerned about finding food for my dogs after I moved from the Bay Area up here to the Foothills.  I am a member of SF Raw and loved the convenience and variety they offer.  I looked around your site and what a nicely set up site."


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